Here we go............. The first time I've been a fully exempt player on the European Tour. Will be pushing hard to try and get a Victory out here and keep the run of silverware coming. Excited about what is to come in 2015....................

A HUGE Thanks To...

A number of people over the last few years had no obligation to be nice to me or to give me anything, but they were and they did. And for that I am very grateful. If you come across any of these people or their companies, you know that they are fine people with fine products.... and know a decent golf game.....LOL

  • Dong-A Pharmacy, Seoul, Sth Korea
  • Fenix clothing and accessories, Bangkok
  • Daniel Wyborn, Golf Pro, Bangkok
  • Thai CC, Bangna-Trad, Thailand


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28 January

Hmmmmm...... Qatar wasn't what I was looking for, missing the cut and left to ponder what I could of done different. Well its been decided to change the driver and 3 wood this week here in Dubai for the Desert Classic. Will be sporting a Ping Driver and fairway wood. The course is looking great with a little bit of speed on the greens. Looking forward to the challenge.

13 January

Yes it's that time of the year........ Here in Abu Dhabi for the first event of 2015...... Talk about being excited and eager to get going. Got TC here again doing the hard yards and I hope that we can have a good showing early on in the European Tour. Chirstmas was nice but now its time to grind.


14 December

Thats it, the year in tournament golf is done. Thank you to Tony Carolan for doing the hard yards with me and I think we had a good year once again. Can't wait to play The Open at St Andrews next year. It will be nice to see the family in Australia and get a round or 2 in at Nudgee with the guys. Thank you to everyone for the support and help over the past year.

9 December

Last tournament of the year this week, would be nice to have a solid finish to what has been another good year. Last week in Jakarta was nice to finish in the top 10 and battle the discomfort of a sore back. Amata I've been told is playing tough and I'm looking forward to having a game in Wednesdays pro-am.

30 November

Wasn't a pleasant week in Khon Kaen this week. I had many a thing going on, the most annoying thing being a sore back. I lifted a bag the wrong way at the airport and have struggled to recover from a strained muscle in my lower back. I'm hoping it will be fine by next weeks event in Jakarta. Everybody has frustrations in their work place and I haven't had a shortage of those the last month. You have no say in your work companions. Hope it turns around quick.

28 October

That was a great 2 weeks I've just had. Finishing 2nd in Macau.....well I guess I just ran out of gas. But it was a good defence of my title. I have been getting many question from far and wide about why I'm not playing the next 2 weeks in Asia. So I will give you all the answer.

I am not going to mince my words. I should be playing this week at the CIMB and next week at the HSBC. I planned my year around supporting the Asian Tour and tournaments I won last year only to have 1 postponed to November. This year unlike others was a very slow start to the year tournament wise on the Asian Tour. The TPC of the Asian Tour chose to put a minimum number of events to qualify for the said events I should be in, this was fine, but despite the playing opportunities reducing by 2 or 3 events and a event being postponed, in their wisdom they decided to bring the deadline for the HSBC 1 week forward and the CIMB stayed the same closing week for qualifying. I raised my concerns long before my last 2 hot weeks only to fall on deaf ears. The amazing thing is I played Doral earlier this year being there for the Asian Tour, yet this wasn't good enough to be counted as a event played. Yet the event is under the AUSPICE of the Asian Tour. So that being said I fall 1 event short of quailifying. If this sport is about sportsmanship, then the board and those that run our tour, need to man up. It seems that whilst some of us, support the sponsors and communities that support us, our fate is determined by some who aren’t being fair to all. Good luck to the guys from the Asian Tour who are playing in these events, but just realize......its not the strongest field the Asian Tour has to offer if your number 3 isn't able to compete. This will not be the last of the matter....

21 October

Well... that was fun! Very very pleased with getting over the line to win my first European Tour tournaments. Now to defend my title in Macau! Aston told me to bring another trophy home... he will be pleased! Thanks for all the emails and texts and other messages of support... i hope i can keep the entertainment going for you all. Big thanks to Roger and TC. Great men to have in your corner.

29 September

Well those 4 weeks I wish to forget very fast. Missed all 4 cuts and missed a PGA Tour card in the process. Back to Asia to grind the rest of the year out and see if I can find my way into this years winners circle. I seem to have lost any bit of form I've had after the long break. Off to defend my title in Taiwan this week.

27 August

The time has come. This is the start of the 4 weeks of Web.com playoff events for a PGA Tour card. 25 cards are up for offer and I'm trying hard to get one. Course is looking great here in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

7 August

Today I'm heading to Cambodia for the Angkor Amateur Open. No not as a amateur, but as the guest pro that will play the same layout as the amateurs and give a clinic. Last years event was great fun with Mike Moir from Fenix golf taking out the title in a down to the wire battle. Its been long couple of months these last few, in respect of waiting for a chance to play. I'm heading back home after Cambodia to prepare for the WEB.com playoff events and hope to secure PGA Tour playing rights for 2015. A block buster couple of months coming up. Can't wait to be playing cricket with my kids in the driveway next week.

15 July

Well yes its been a frustrating month. Not much going on in the way of tournaments. I was suppose to be playing the Russian Open next week but due to massive issue's trying to obtain a Visa I am unable to go play. So luck has it, the kind people at the PGA Australia Queensland division and the folks at Capricorn in North Queensland have extended a invite for me to play in their event. It was great spending last week in Australia playing in Mackay, thank you to all involved in those 2 events, I am extremely greatful to have been invited to play. Looking forward to flying back to Australia again this week and playing some competitive golf.

20 May

Was a great couple of weeks in Korea, can't wait to get back there again and see the boys. But it will be nice to get home and play with the kids for a little while before trying to Qualify for the US Open in June.

8 May

Its so nice to be here in Korea playing a Korean Tour event and spending time with my Korean brothers and seeing my Korean Sponsor. Some poeple are trying to make a issue out of me playing these 2 weeks here in Korea with the Asian Tour and One Asia issue. Being here is all about my Sponsor and my friends and thats it.......

4 May

Just finished up here in Singapore. Its been a long hot week, we are all shocked to get through the tournament without any major delays from storms. A below average weekend on the greens cost me plenty of spots in the final wash up. But hitting it well and looking forward to heading off to Korea for the next 2 weeks.

21 April

No silver for the case, but managed to place 18th in KL. I find that course a bit like a fish milkshake....... Hard to swallow and leaves a odd taste in your mouth when you are finished. I don't count it in my favourite ones around the place because I always seem to have a hard time there. But must say it was nice to finish 18th. Now onto Jakarta.........

7 April

Well its been a great time here at home playing every sport under the sun with the kids. But now its time to get back to playing golf...... Malaysia is the next stop on the tour and I'm heading off for a 3 week stint in Asia. Lets see if I can piece together another win early in the season....

14 March

Thank you to all who have sent notes to me about the Doral week. Was a good result finishing Tied 16th, just need to get more starts on the PGA Tour. Its now nice to have some down time and play cricket with the kids. I guess same as everybody else, when you have a break you get the Flu......... but thats not stopping Aston from wanting me to play cricket everyday. Ohhh to be young again.

7 March

2nd round all done and dusted here at Doral. Wow has it been windy.... 76 not really what I was looking for and I dropped 5 shots coming in on my last 8 holes. Its all ahead of me on the weekend to try and climb the board. I hope the pins are a little easier to get close to.

5 March

I am here in Miami checking out the course. I spoke with SiriusXM PGA TOUR radio's Matt Adams today. Course is looking great and playing tougher than ever. I will have to play away from some pins, the new greens being a little firmer and bouncy. Water is in play on many holes and its going to be a tough scoring week.

24 Febuary

Yes old habits are hard to change, its a bit like me and the website. I don't always get around to doing my updates...Sorry.... Anyway I'm in Australia and heading to New Zealand this morning for the NZ Open down in Queenstown. Once again Gary Heslop will be on the the bag doing his upmost to help me obtain some silverware against a strong field. Dubai went just ok and finished T29 after some strong play. Next week after NZ I will be playing at Doral in the WGC.

29 January

Here in Dubai this week. Gary Heslop is on the bag and doing a great job so far. Course is looking very green and in great condition. I will be teeing off in the last group for the 1st round at 1.55. Looking forward to the challange. Nice to be on the range watching the worlds best crack a few.

20 January

First post for the year. Last week was the last tournament for 2013 OOM, Kings Cup here in Thailand. A solid 7th and I have secured 2nd place on the Asian Tour money list. Seems strange to play the last event of 2013 in 2014. A week of rest now before heading off to play Dubai Desert Classic. I'm sure that will be a awesome time there.


22 December

Back in Bangkok, my Pal Roger held a massive Christmas dinner for us last night. What a feast it was. The result at Q-school in Palm Springs wasn't what I wanted it to be, but I will get a few starts I would think. I finished T67. Its been a long long year and its about time I enjoy some cricket and swimiming with the kids. To all of you who follow what I do, thank you for your help and kind words. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. See you in 2014.

11 December

G'day.... well its WEB.com Q-school this week here in Palm Springs USA. Its a little nippy in the morning but warms up during the day. Hong Kong didn't go as well as I would of liked it leading into this week, but it is what it is and I just have to try and find some form for this last event of the year. We kick off on Thursday and play 6 long rounds for the battle for WEB.com cards.

25 November

It was nice whilst it lasted.... the week off after the Masters was great, going to work with the brother in-law doing electrical work. A nice break from chasing the ball around. But now back into it, Jakarta this week and to a course where I won my 1st Asian Tour event way back in 2008. I haven't been back there since I won so very excited to face the course again.

18 November

Hello, been a very long time since I've been online for a update. It's been nice being here in Australia for the last few weeks playing 2 tournaments. But its also great to be having a week off this week after being golfed out the last few months. Yep its hard to believe you can play too much golf..... but I have been golfed out. So I've taken to going to work this week for a couple of days with my brother in-law to try my hand at electrical work... I think I will stick to golf after todays effort.

30 October

The evening before the 1st round here at the HSBC and all is calm. Feeling pretty good about my game. My focus this week has been on short game and sorting out which Titleist ball I will be using....black or red? I'm going red proV1x 2013 model. The course has no run this week so its playing long, the greens are nice and putting well. I'm expecting a low scoring week.

22 October

Wow wow and wow...... how time rushes bye you when you are grinding away. I have now won 3 times this year on the Asian Tour and feel very grateful to have done so. My latest win was last week in Macua. This week we are in Malaysia for the CIMB, if only I can continue the good form. More later.

10 October

Yes its hard to believe..... I managed to get my 4th win on the Asian Tour last week in Taiwan. I haven't stopped chasing my tail since then. Its a great feeling to win for the 2nd time this year and now I have secured a spot into the HSBC Championship in a couple of weeks time. Korea this week and I struggled to a +3 total yesterday, its going to take a 60 somthing to make the cut today, but... it can be done.

4 October

Oh Taiwan, the course hasn't changed and its still as hard to get it around as ever. Takes plenty of patience and we know I some times lack in that department. Having to play away from pins is a hard thing for me to do. Weekend is shaping up to be a cracker with the field tightly packed as always here. Just need to get the ball rolling into the cup a few more times.

3 October

I haven't got to updates the last week with getting from Italy to Scotland then over to Taiwan and a tree falling on the house! Yes, its all happening in [and to] the Hend house. As usual I am half a world away and Leanne has all 55 balls in the air. Sometimes it's a good idea to just stay out of the way.

18 September 2013

Here in Turin Italy ready to go for the 1st round. Got a late tee time and the rain is going to hold off they say. Looking forward to getting started.

12 September 2013

Nice to be home with the family. Last week was a nice result, but after getting off to such a good start Sat and Sun it was frustrating not to finish the rounds off. Will be off to Play Italy next week I hope. Need a late surge if I'm going to get a card for next year in Europe.

4 September 2013

Well last week in Wales was a nightmare, only hit 6 from 28 fairways and it cost me the cut. This week we are here in Crans-sur-Sierre Switzerland. Unbelievable weather here, sun is out and its warm. Late tee time for the 1st round and the course is bouncy, well it is until they soak it tonight. Looking forward to the challenge, need a good result soon.

28 August 2013

Practise has gone well, forecast is good. Now just to play ok is the goal.

27 August 2013

The course here at the Celtic Manor 2010 course is playing bouncy this year. They say sunshine all week. Now just to sort out some driver issues on the range tommorow.

20 August 2013

We have arrived in the UK, Scotland to be exact, little bit cooler than Asia. I'm now into the field at Gleneagles and its off for practise rounds. Aston and McLaren are hounding me for a birthday cake to celebrate my birthday once back in Florida in a couple weeks time. I'm sure they will pick a massive cake.

18 August 2013

Off to Scotland tonight with Thai Airways. 1st alternate for the JW at Gleneagles, hope the numbers move for me to get into the field and not be the 1st alternate sitting on the tee all Thursday like I've been the last 2 years running. Big TC is back on the bag and we are ready to get going. Into my 40's now, enjoyed the big Zero party. Thanks to Roger for getting it all organised.

8 August 2013

Well a few things have been going on since the last update. I've played in Russia finished T30 and I've been to Cambodia as a guest Pro for the Angkor Amateur Open, staged at the Angkor Golf Resort in Siem-Reap. Great weekend was had with Mike Moir winning the 1st prize. Next stop is the UK on the 19th of August.

8 July 2013

Back in Bangkok after a passport stamp trip with the family to Malaysia. Was great to see Jimmie win Daytona. What a weekend of sport. Not much else going on, just waiting for M2M event in Moscow on the European Tour to roll around in a few weeks time.

20 June 2013

1st round under the belt and a -1 score puts me there abouts. Course is playing hard and fast. One lesson for anybody wanting to come to KL. Just remember just because a taxi has a meter in it, doesn't mean he wants to use it......

16 June 2013

Bit of water has passed under the bridge since last update. I've missed at the US Open Q and have played in Samui and got DQ'd. Nice to have the family travel with me for a little. Next week is Malaysia and a nice course. Looking forward to playing, just hope I can find a swing and a putting stroke. lol........

23 May 2013

Nice to be home, got a little jetlag, but getting there. Big weekend of motor sports ahead. Monaco F1 and Charlotte motor speedway.

19 May 2013

The Japan PGA tournament didn't go as planned. Missed the cut bye 1 shot. Had a big grind Friday to shoot even par and was in hope the score was going to be good enough to play the weekend. Finished up 64th and just short of the mark. Well back home to Florida I go to see the family. Big thanks to the brother in-law for coming up to bag for me.

17 May 2013

Strange thing happening this week. I'm struggling with the short irons to control distance. The ball sits a little higher on the grass here at this course and I seem to catch it high up on the face when I hit the shot, which wipes around 10m off the shot. Trying to figure it out, but with small greens and it being windy, makes it tricky to get it close. +5 first round, once again work to be done today to play the weekend.

14 May 2013

I guess you learn things all the time. My lesson this week in Japan is to check your international drivers permit isn't out of date. I booked a rental car for this week and had my Australian and US drivers license, but my international one had expired...... nice....... So we got stranded in Narita airport for a while. Luck was on our side and the Korean boys came to the rescue with a ride to the course. Now to work out the car situation..... Course looks nice.

5 May 2013

Week is done. Very weak showing on the weekend for T28 finish. Not so flash after a great start in round 1. Off to Bangkok to get my Visa sorted for the Japan PGA, looking forward to playing there in a weeks time. Some social golf to be had in Bangkok this week. Sure I'm to lose some cash to the boys.

4 May 2013

3 rounds in the bag here in Jakarta and all 3 have been played in the presence of Ernie Els. Nice playing partner, just a nightmare playing with him as everybody wants a photo and won't silence their phones. Hard work to concentrate and shoot a good score, but this is the way it goes. -5 total and it all infront of me for the 4th round. 6 shots back of the leader with lots of players between. Will be in need of a special round to be up there at the end.

1 May 2013

Tardiness, thats the word for my updates in the last week. Very poor. Anyway here in Jakarta this week having a very sweaty time compared to Korea last week. Takes 5 minutes to warm up here. Had a rally last Friday to make the cut, a 66, but a couple of 72's was just treading water on the weekend and finished T31. Promise showing for the upcoming couple of weeks.... Just need to sort the putting out again, lost a little confidence after the 3 putting abomination last week. 9 of them for 72 holes, bit hard to contend doing that. 7.05 tee time with Ernie Els tomorrow, should be good.

25 April 2013

Yes well that didn't go well today. It was a little windy and got very cold. Heading back to finish the round at 7.30. 4 three putts today put a nasty taste to the round. Need to keep hitting it as good as I am and start holing some putts. These greens do get the best of me.

24 April 2013

Hey Hey, got lucky and the conditions for the Pro-am.... perfect. But the weather is moving in for the 1st round. Will be a challenge and interesting to see what comes. Will be grinding around a course I find hard to handle.

23 April 2013

With the practise rounds wrapped up its time for the Pro-am. Its raining now and cold, so the 6.50 tee off might be one I'd like to be missing. Course is ok, hope the greens come around bye Thursday. Looking forward to my 12.00pm tee time for the 1st round.

18 April 2013

Heading to Korea tonight for some catching up with the boys and might play a couple of rounds before next weeks tournament. Spent the day in the Chinese Embassy here in Bangkok trying to get a visa.

9 April 2013

Would be nice to be driving north towards Augusta to watch the Masters, but I've got to hit balls myself before heading back on the road again this week. Second day of hitting balls today and things are looking up after the week break. Looking forward to playing the Ballantine's in Seoul.

5 April 2013

How good is it to be chilling out at home drinking coffee and watching Sprint Cup practice(Nascar)on your big screen tv!!! Although its not all play, about to face the physio this afternoon for some punishment.

3 April 2013

Nice to be home, amazing how good my own bed feels, even if my kids want to share it on occasion. I'd like to say thank you to all the people who have sent emails and messages to me, means a lot. My next outing will be Korea in a couple weeks. My arm needs to recover from bringing the trophy home from Thailand, although its was a discomfort I could get used to on a regular basis.

31st March 2013

I had the pleasure of hoisting the winners trophy! What a week of heat, crowds, great support and now a marathon to get home. in about 26 hrs I will touch down and be on my way to my own bed and hugs from my biggest fans. Aston will be pleased - he wanted me to bring home a trophy, and i managed to do that! I know TC is as worn out as i am but ready to lift a glass and toast a great result.

30 March 2013

Been hot here this week, but a dry heat. 3rd round today and need to hole some putts to move up the board. I played with the leader the first 2 rounds and watched as his putts rolled in. I guess being on the attack today will be the go. I think TC and I have been drinking around 12 bottles of water each in the round. So that might give you a idea of the heat factor.

27 March 2013

Now the venue has changed...... Here in Chiangmai and its a dry heat and the course is much firmer than last week in KL. Nice place. Got a new set of weapons in the bag this week, my old clubs had worn out after 8 months of use so Titliest got me a new set of blades, same model as before.
Went out for a couple quite beers and TC said "he saw something he thought he never would...... someone that can dance worse than you Hendy......." Thanks mate!!!!!!

24 March 2013

Just to clear something up, last week in India at the Avantha Masters on the 72nd hole, I hit it in the water. The process of taking a drop took as I'm told 12 minutes. It was unfortunate that the last group had to wait on the tee for this to play its way out. There was no less than 5 rules officials there and the spotter did not see the ball go into the water. The rules Official said he saw a splash near the edge of the hazard, he was then told to make me wait as the Tournament Director wanted to go to the TV compound and see the TV footage(this takes time). I was made to wait, there was no conclusive evidence on tape, so then a spot had to be found for my drop. The group behind wasn't called threw because I was ready to go and was told to hold bye the Official. The main concern was that I didn't take a incorrect drop and get disqualified from the tournament. Once the Official is there I'm under his direction.
For the record I did apologize to Thomas for the situation. He informed me he was going to hit a iron from the tee anyway. A smart move...... WINNER!!

23 March 2013

Took a long time to play the 2nd round with weather delays, the result I was looking for didn't occur. Dropped too many shots on the final 9 holes and couldn't hole a putt to get over the line. A couple of 74's don't cut the mustard. Cut was even par and tournament cut to 54 holes due to lightning again. Will be working on my putting for Chiangmai, soon to hole some putts.... Fingers crossed........

22 March 2013

This is for those of you who have asked and are wondering. My equipment... the shafts in my irons are hard stepped which means they are X100's for the normal person, but for me in basic terms they put a 5 iron shaft into my 4 and a 6 iron shaft into my 5 and so on like that threw the whole set, but the length remains the same as the modern day 4 iron. It just stiffens the shaft up without making it to heavy.
My driver has been tipped 2 inches(at the end which goes into the head to make it stiffer) and the swing weight is D7 because Titliest has pumped rack glue into the toe to try and stop it hooking(doesn't work all the time still hook it)this makes it quite heavy. Normal swing weight of a driver is around D2 to D3. I like it heavy as it seems to help slow my swing down and gives me a little more control. Driver length is 44 3/4 inches long.

21 March 2013

1st round under the belt and a lack luster 74 today. Could feel my brain melting out there and struggled on the last hole for a double bogey to finish. Not the best way to start and some real solid work to be done to make the cut. Can honestly say I'm not enjoying the condition of the greens.

19 March 2013

Into the oven we go. Hot hot hot here in KL. Played 9 holes with David Gleeson today. Course isn't in as good a condition as years gone past. Pro-am Wednesday arvo so maybe only 12 holes to be played before the storm comes in.

18 March 2013

Long day of travel to KL via Bangkok. Getting ready for the heat. Good finish in India just a little sour taste from the 5 I made on the 72nd hole. It is what it is.

16 March 2013

After 3 solid rounds I'm 5 shots behind the leader going into round 4. It's going to take a special round to overtake him. TC laughed today when a spectator said "I like your style Scott, you look so calm and got it together and patient" TC said "Its the strongest part of his game, so is the expletives" I guess you got to be inside the ropes to see the real struggle when driving the ball all over the place.

12 March 2013

Hi there.... Well practise round is done and Jaypee Greens is going to get a smashing this week. Not much rough at all and greens are okay. So I'm thinking somewhere around -20 is going to win this week. May the best putter for the week win as ball striking isn't really a must here. TC is back on the bag for the next 3 weeks, big effort to come and face up to it in India.........

9 March 2013

AHHHHHHHH.......... not a pleasent day on the links. 76 to finish the tournament on level par and back of the bus again. For those of you thinking of visiting India and think its a mysterious, intriguing, calming, spiritual place.... Yes it is, but two words of advice.. BRING IMODIUM!!

7 March 2013

Yes 2 major steps forward today here in New Dehli.... 1. I made the cut, but had to shoot 5 under the last 11 holes to do so. 2. and most important..... I got hot water in my shower for once. Nice to shower in your own room instead of depending on the golf club showers. Now to tackle 2 more rounds here at New Dehli GC.

1 March 2013

Well that was a good bitching I had yesterday!!!!! I still stand bye every word I wrote. Shot 70 today to end up on -5 total and 3 shots short of the score it took to get a spot in the Open. Couple more rounds of golf here in Bangkok before heading to India for the Sail Open. I'm sure the guys are eager for a wager this weekend at my expense.

28 Febuary 2013

Another year another IFQ has begun. It never ceases to amaze me that for some reason Tours and the R&A can't get it correct. I'm pretty sure I'm good enough to hit a wedge from 120m at the target and not get it going 30m left..... Would be settling to think that you could play your shots without having to worry about MUD on the ball.......I guess 320yards down the centre of the fairway isn't good golf. 6 times today mud on the pill.... Can and will they ever get it correct??????????. No evidence of that happening......

27 Febuary 2013

1st round of IFQ tommorow teeing off at 8.10 Bangkok time. Amata is looking ok, a little soft but the greens are putting nicely. I guess the key around there is to stay out of the quicksand bunkers and make some birdies. Would love to be teeing it up at Muirfield in July.

25 Febuary 2013

Back in the world of proper internet after a week in Myanmar. I made the cut there but finished miles back in T58. Had lots of troubles on the greens and as u know if you don't hole putts you don't score, doesn't matter how good you hit it. Onto Amata this week for the Open pre-Q here in Bangkok.

15 Febuary 2013

Hey Hey!!!!! I know, big gap since last update. Tell you the truth I've been busy playing golf and getting my visa for Myanmar processed here in Bangkok. My mate Roger is trying to turn me into a professional sumo wrestler by the size of the meals I'm being feed. Great grub I must say. Playing Thai Country Club tommorow with the boys for the weekend grudge match. Flying out to Myanmar Tuesday.
The team finished 5th in the GPL. Shame top 4 got paid...... But a great week and look forward to doing it again.

8 Febuary 2013

Yes off the mark in India, yesterday I had my first spew for the Indian season. Had to be done I guess, whats a visit without throwing up. Bottom half of the body is solid so far so fingers crossed for the next 3 days. 1st round kicks off today.

6 Febuary 2013

Well what a start...... here at the resort and golf course, great weather and a nice course. Just the usual teething problems with the trip from the airport and the hotel check in last night/early this morning. But all is well otherwise and ready to crack on for the pro-am tomorrow.

5 Febuary 2013

Well here we go, another year another racking up of miles and playing golf..... DOES IT GET ANY BETTER!!!!!!!!! Been awesome staying here in Bangkok at my mate Rogers place whilst waiting a week for my Indian visa to get processed. Just need to loose the extra weight I've put on from 1st class meals he cooks. Chateu Le Rogers..... Pretty handy on the course as well for a senior golfer.......
Heading to India this week to play in a teams event being held at Aamby Valley Golf Club 3.5 hours out of Mumbai. 4 man teams going head to head. Will be awesome.

'the wife's take on 2012'

After almost 9 months of solo parenting a pair of 5 yr olds and scanning and faxing docs for visa applications at midnight on a sunday and doing website updates at 1am, and schlepping the 5 yrs olds 30 hrs on planes trains and automobiles to see their father and playing bucket brigade after his thyroid surgery, I can assure you that i can make it out the door in 15 mins flat, Hair and all....LOL
We are very happy to have more silver to clean. When Scott told Aston and McLaren that he was booking his flights as he was going back to work in 3 weeks, Aston asked 'to get more trophies?'... I suspect that he might just do that! We are looking forward to a great 2013.

Happy new year to you all.

12 December
After a night flight from Osaka to Bangkok and no sleep I thought shooting 70 in the first round last week was passable. The end result to the week was a solid 6th place. This week we are in Johor for the season closing tournament with a nice dinner to be held on the Sunday night to close things out. Course is playing long and wet, but it does rain very heavy around these parts of Asia. At least the greens are pretty good, I think this will lead to a low score winning the tournament this week. I'm looking forward to getting home for a break after 4 months on the road.

4 December
After a marathon 6 days of golf here in Osaka, i secured a card. It's not the number i would have liked, but given that it was freezing and i had no idea how my body would respond, i am happy i got a card. I had no idea how much of a body heater your thyroid is. Bbbbrrrrrr. It was cold and the wind blew and hard at times so i will take it.
I have to endure the day of instruction that all have to endure when you get a card on the Japanese golf tour, no matter how experienced you are. Given i have played on every other major tour in the world with playing rights, its going to be interesting. But times change and as they do, i can to and so, its another tour to play and country to experience and for the family to explore. I must be the oldest rookie.... again.

26 November
Well yes it's been a smashing few months now, both in getting form and body wise. Not really sure where my head is at at present but it better be on for Japan Q-school this week in Osaka. I just spent 5 days in Brisbane Australia having a little health concern with Bob Hend, but let's hope its all ok, just got to wait for the doctor to make his prognosis of the problem. Was good to see the family and some of the guys down at good old Nudgee golf club. And it will be good to head home in 3 weeks after a record stretch of 4 months on the road!

31 October
It's week no. 10 on the road and i am here in Dongguan for the WGC-HSBC Champions. I learnt a little last week about heat and hydration and that, although I feel like I am back where I was before my surgery....I am not quite there yet. But I am happy with these last 10 weeks. My wife sent me a couple of great pix of Captain American and the Princess as they were out trick or treating.... I suspect there will still be some candy left for me when I get home at christmas!

23 October
I am in KL this week and I feel privileged to be in the field here for the CIMB - a 48 man field at the Mnes Resort. My mate Tony Carolan is on the bag and it's been good so far, a T6 in Macau and a T12 in India last week. Tony is staying on the bag for a 6 weeks stint; I hope his shoulders can last.... I am feeling much better after my surgery in July and, despite having a lingering cold, I am hoping to keep the momentum going. You can be sure I wil be grinding each day and collecting as many world ranking points as I can. The kids keep telling me there is a space in the trophy cabinet and I should get another one to put in it.

Scott Hend's odyssey continues

Australians to attack US Open in numbers

Schedule 2014


19-22 Febuary
Hero Honda Open
Dehli GC
New Dehli, India

12-15 Febuary
Thailand Classic Presented by Black Mountain
Black Mountain GC
Hua Hin, Thailand

05-08 Febuary
Maybank Malaysian Open
Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

29-01 January/Febuary
Omega Dubai Desert Classic
Emirates GC
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

21-24 January
Commercial Bank Qatar Masters
Doha GC
Doha, Qatar

15-18 January
Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship
Abu Dhabi GC
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


11-14 December
Thailand Golf Championship
Amata Spring Country Club

04-07 December
Bank BRI Indonesia Open
Damai Indah Golf, PIK Course

27-30 November
King's Cup
Singha Park Khon Kaen Golf Club

20-23 November
Resorts World Manila Masters
Manila Southwoods Golf and Country Club.

13-16 November
Chiangmai Golf Classic
Alpine Golf Resort Chiangmai

23-26 October
Venetian Macau Open
Macau Golf & Country Club

16-19 October
Hong Kong Open
Hong Kong Golf Club
Hong Kong

2-5 October
Mercuries Taiwan Masters
Taiwan Golf & Country Club
Chinese Taipei

25-28 September
Asia-Pacific Open Golf Championship
Diamond Cup
Ohtone Country Club,
Ibaraki, Japan

18-21 September
TPC Sawgrass Valley Course
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

11-14 September
Nationwide Children's Hospital Championship
Ohio State University GC
Columbus, OH

4-7 September
Chiquita Classic
River Run CC
Davidson, NC

28-31 August
Hotel Fitness Championship
Sycamore Hills GC
Fort Wayne, Indiana

9-10 August
Angkor Amateur Open
Angkor Golf Resort
Siem Reap, Cambodia

15-18 May
SK Telecom Open
Sky 72 Ocean Course

8-11 May
GS Caltex Maekyung Open
Namseoul CC
Seoul, Korea

28 April-3 May
The Championship
Laguna National Golf and Country Club

24-27 April
CIMB Niaga Indonesian Masters
Royale Jakarta Golf Club
Jakarta, Indonesia

17-20 April
Maybank Malaysian Open
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

3-9 Mar
WGC- Cadilac Championships
Doral Golf Resort & Spa
Doral, Florida, USA

24 Feb - 2 Mar
NZ Open
The Hills & Millbrook
Queenstown, New Zealand

30 Jan - 2 Feb
Omega Dubai Desert Classic
Emirates GC
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

16-19 January
Kings Cup
Black Mountain GC
Hua Hin, Thailand
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